Seeking Oedipus 2008

Seeking Oedipus 2008

A few words about the play

The Oedipus myth is performed in the language of silence.

Six actors play the mythic heroes linked to the cursed house of the Labdacides on a “dangerously inclined plane”. Picking up the tale from the family’s original sin – the “guilty passion” Laius, the son of Labdacus and father of Oedipus, nursed for Chrysippus, which leads to the youth’s suicide – the cast attempt a new reading of Oedipus’ patricide and incest.

Aspasia Kralli, who studied mime at the Marcel Marceau Paris International School of Mimodrama, employs the language of the body in her approach to the tragic Oedipus cycle in which psychoanalysts have sought expressions of the subconscious and timeless questions relating to parents’ relationships with their children and to human existence

Written & Directed by Aspasia Kralli
Music: Stavros Gasparatos
Lighting: Lefteris Pavlopoulos
Movement: Zoi Chatziantoniou

Set Designer: Aspasia Kralli
Stage Sets: Adrian Fluture
Costumes & Props: Ioanna Tsami
Assistant Director: Vassia Paraskevopoulou


Teiresias: Aspasia Kralli
Oedipus: Giorgis Tsambourakis
Laius: Ilias Meletis
Jocasta: Malamatenia Gotsi
Shepherds 1 & 2 – Meropi-Sphynx: Kostis Koronaios

Chryssipus: Jason Bitter-Kourounis